Job Specification

Job Title: Internal Communications Officer

Salary range: £37,181-£38,296

Grade: Assembly Grade 6

Directorate: Parliamentary Services

Business Area/Office: Communications Office

Accountable to: Head of Communications


Job Purpose:

The Communications Office business area in the Northern Ireland Assembly is responsible for providing information to the media, the public, government departments and other stakeholders through various means including media relations, broadcasting services and digital channels. Information communicated covers the Speaker’s office, plenary and committee business, the Assembly Commission and public engagement activities.

The Internal Communications Officer is responsible for implementing a strategic approach for the development and delivery of internal communications, with the aim of linking communication activity to Assembly Commission-wide activities, initiatives, projects and issues.


Job Description:

The main duties and responsibilities of the Internal Communications Officer are:

  • Develop the Internal Communications Strategy and work with business areas to implement the strategy.
  • Build relationships within and between directorates to promote and ensure consistent messages are delivered throughout the Assembly Commission and that there is an understanding of the roles of all business areas in achieving common goals.
  • Work closely with Clerk/Chief Executive, Directors and Heads of Business to deliver creative and proactive communication activities supporting the delivery of the Assembly Commission’s Corporate Strategy and to promote a positive parliamentary culture.
  • Translate corporate strategic goals and priorities into meaningful messages for Assembly Commission staff in the context of the Commission’s Corporate Strategy and values.
  • Develop and implement creative and inclusive approaches to staff engagement ensuring all staff have the opportunity to participate and contribute.
  • Liaise with the Internal Communications Group and the wider Assembly Commission on internal communications and adjust communications content and approach as required.
  • Source content from business areas about the work of the Assembly Commission and ensure these organisational activities / initiatives / projects/ issues are successfully communicated to staff through appropriate channels.
  • Plan, write and edit content appropriate for a range of communication mediums e.g. AssISt, staff newsletter, email, social media, video messaging etc.
  • Work with Assembly Commission project teams to develop and implement communication strategies for internal projects.
  • Handle internal communications on external situations, which affect how the Assembly Commission is perceived, and its reputation impacted.
  • Develop and implement a content management strategy for AssISt to establish it as the Assembly Commission’s key internal communications hub, provide advice and guidance to colleagues on publishing best practice and work with colleagues to explore if and how AssISt can be developed to meet the needs of users.
  • Work closely with HR to develop a working Engagement Calendar for staff.
  • Establish and implement a mechanism to monitor, evaluate and demonstrate the impact of internal communications activity.
  • Embed a best practice approach to internal communications.
  • Assist the Head of Communications with budgetary management with respect to internal communications.
  • Comply with all of the Assembly Commission’s staff policies and procedures including Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work policies and procedures and all mandatory training requirements.
  • Managing information and records in accordance with established policies and statutory requirements.
  • You may also be required to carry out other duties that the Assembly Commission reasonably requires of you.


Essential Criteria:

Applicants must, by the closing date for applications have:

1. A degree in Communications or a related discipline, plus two years’ experience in the areas listed at (a) to (e) below. Applications will be considered from applicants with formal qualifications of an equivalent or higher standard in Communications or related discipline.


2. Five years’ experience in the areas listed at (a) to (e) below

(a) Researching and sourcing material and drafting / editing copy for communication to stakeholders.

(b) Strategic development and content management of an organisation’s website or intranet.

(c) Leading on internal employee engagement initiatives and being responsible for the communication of information arising from such initiatives.

(d) Providing advice and guidance on the approach and content of internal communications to a range of stakeholders.

(e) Making oral presentations to staff and other stakeholders, conveying information on a range of strategic and operational matters.


Shortlisting Criteria:

Should shortlisting be required, the following shortlisting criteria will be applied:

Development, implementation and review of an internal communications strategy and the delivery of employee engagement initiatives for a multi-disciplinary organisation of 100 or more staff.


Skills & Behaviours:

The following Assembly Skills and Behaviours will be assessed during the selection process:

Building relationships and effective communication

…is creating and maintaining positive, professional and respectful internal and external working relationships through effective and appropriate communications.

Initiating improvement and delivering change

…is looking for and being open to new and innovative ideas and improvements to the service provided. It is being flexible and adapting positively and professionally to sustain performance when the situation changes, workloads increase or priorities change. It is about forming sound, evidence-based decisions and being accountable for results.