Job Specification

Job Title: Principal Assembly Usher (Support)

Salary range: £37,925 – £39,062

Grade: Assembly Grade 6

Directorate: Corporate Services Directorate

Business Area/Office: Usher Services

Accountable to: Head of Usher Services


Job Purpose:

As a member of the Usher Services management team, the post-holder will work alongside the Principal Usher (Operations), and will report to the Head of Usher Services. The post-holder will directly assist in the maintenance of a safe and secure environment to support all Assembly business.

The post-holder will primarily lead in the management of the administrative element of Usher Services business, though will also play a key part in the broader daily operational component which requires a security presence to be maintained within Parliament Buildings, and a response to any security related incidents that occur within the precincts of Parliament Buildings.   

Job Description:

The main duties and responsibilities of the post include:

Management Tasks

  • Acting as a member of the Usher Services management team which includes leading, managing and developing Senior Ushers and two administrative staff.
  • Overseeing and managing administrative support within the Usher Services office.

Administration Tasks

  • Preparing and maintaining standing orders and procedures in support of business.
  • Overseeing the ongoing development and management of the Assembly ID pass system, the Assembly postal service and the lost property operation.
  • Taking personal responsibility for implementing DPA and UK GDPR legislation in Usher Services.
  • Assisting in the procurement and requisition of material and equipment, and providing contract management support as required.
  • Assisting in the preparation of budgetary material in support of Head of Usher Services.
  • Assisting in the preparation of Information Security and Information Assurance material in support of Head of Usher Services including the management of information and records.
  • Participating in project management for Usher Services projects.
  • Assisting in the development and management of the Assembly Business Continuity plan.
  • Complying with all of the Assembly Commission’s staff policies and procedures, including Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work policies and procedures and all mandatory training requirements.   


  • Assisting with and participating in the provision of Usher Services support to Assembly Plenary sittings and Committees sessions.
  • Providing on-call supervision on a rostered basis.
  • Standing in for the Principal Assembly Usher (Operations) in their absence.
  • Assisting in the oversight and management of the Assembly’s Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system at Parliament Buildings.
  • Assisting with the delivery of Usher Services staff training.

Additionally, carrying out other duties that the Assembly Commission reasonably requires.   

Essential Criteria:

Applicants must, by the closing date for applications have:

  1. At least a primary degree, minimum 2.2 classification, in any subject.
    Applications will be considered from applicants with formal qualifications of an equivalent or higher standard to those stated.


At least 3 years’ experience of each of the areas detailed at (a) – (c):

a) Participating as a line manager within a team responsible for the delivery of a range of operational and administration services within the work place, ensuring compliance with DPA and UK GDPR legislation.

b) Planning and organising a diverse workload, delivering high quality work to tight deadlines and in accordance with organisational policy and procedures. 

c) Analysing information from a range of sources e.g. budgets, contract management, management reports etc. to develop high quality written documents which support and inform effective decision making.


  1. At least five years’ experience in each of the areas detailed at (a) – (c) above.   

Additional to criteria 1. or 2. Applicants must also demonstrate experience of criteria 3. and 4.

  1. At least 2 years’ experience of managing and supervising a team of staff whose duties cover both operational security and general office administration.


  1. At least 1 years’ experience of effectively using Microsoft Office to manage information, create documents and assist in providing a quality service to customers.   

Shortlisting Criteria:

  • At least two years’ experience of managing contracts or budgets or business continuity.   

Skills & Behaviours:

The following Assembly Skills and Behaviours will be assessed during the selection process:

Delivering a quality service

…is about providing a high-quality and efficient service to our customers. It is thinking ahead, managing resources effectively and delivering work on time and to a high standard. It is also using professional or technical expertise to enhance service delivery.  

Building relationships and effective communication

…is creating and maintaining positive, professional and respectful internal and external working relationships through effective and appropriate communications.

Managing & Leading Self and Others

… is setting high standards for ourselves. It is about guiding, motivating and developing others to achieve high performance. It is about engaging others in delivering a corporate vision of excellence, expertise and innovation in support of the Assembly as a legislature.