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Research Officer - Economics

Can you provide impartial research and analysis on economic related issues?

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Research officers work directly with Assembly Members and Committees in the production of non-partisan, objective and evidence-based research.​

Research Officer - Economics

What we're looking for

The main duties and responsibilities of the job include:

  • Engage with individual MLAs, Assembly Committees and the senior managers within the Assembly Secretariat in order to understand their research requirements;
  • Retrieve and synthesise information from a wide range of sources, including online databases;
  • Provide timely, accurate, high quality and impartial research and analysis on economic related and other issues to individual MLA, Assembly Committees and the senior managers within the Assembly Secretariat;
  • Produce a range of research outputs including customised research papers, legislative analysis briefings, and blog posts which are well written, concise and accessible;
  • Present research briefings to Assembly Committees and respond to Committee members’ questions in public session.
What we're offering
  • Salary range: £44,601-£45,947
  • The standard working week is 37 hours, excluding meal breaks (42 hours gross).
  • An annual leave allowance of 25 days, increasing incrementally by one day per year up to a maximum of 30 days
Essential Criteria

Applicants must, by the closing date (12 noon 13th March 2020):

1. Be in possession of at least a second-class honours, higher division (2:1) degree (or equivalent), in which economics was a major component of the degree, meaning at least fifty per cent of the course covered micro, macro and quantitative economics;

2. Following completion of an undergraduate degree (or equivalent), have at least two years of work experience in:

a) conducting objective, economics-related, evidence-based research; and

b) producing and delivering economics related research findings to decision makers.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Completed forms must be submitted by
12 noon 13th March 2020

Quick Q&A for this job...​

The salary range is £44,601-£45,947. This is an Assembly Grade 5 position. 

The Research and Information Service (RaISe) is part of the Assembly’s Legal, Governance and Research Services Directorate. 

Research Teams provide the Northern Ireland Assembly with impartial, objective, timely and non-partisan information and research.

The successful candidate will be accountable to the Senior Research Officer.

The successful applicant will be based in Parliament Buildings, Belfast.

Completed application forms must be submitted by 12 noon 13th March 2020.


What's it like to be a research officer?

What does a Research Team do?

Our researchers work within specialist portfolios located in four research teams:

  • Health and Social Care, Statistics and Mapping
  • Political Institutions, Equality, Justice, Families and Education
  • Communities, Infrastructure and Environment
  • Finance and Economics

Together, supported by the Library within RaISe, the Research Teams provide the following services:

  • In-depth, analytical briefings regarding policy, legislation and public finance
  • Bill papers addressing Executive and non-Executive legislative proposals
  • Research to assist Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) develop proposals for private member’s legislation
  • Research to help MLAs respond to matters of concern to their constituents
  • Statistical services addressing all aspects relating to the collection and use of data
  • Mapping services and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Workshops and seminars, including the Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series’ (KESS) which is delivered in partnership with local universities

See what a research paper looks like

All research papers produced by our researchers is published on the Assembly website. Our researchers also produce informative blog articles, based on the work that they have done, which are published on our 'Research Matters' microsite.

Watch a researcher briefing a Committee

Assembly Researcher, Mark Allen, briefs the Committee for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs on his research into the UK Government Agriculture Bill and the potential effects on Northern Ireland...

If you would like to view Mark’s full briefing to the Committee you can watch it on the Assembly’s TV site.

Further Information

If you require more information on the recruitment process, please contact the Human Resources Office on 02890 520327.

Visit our website for further information about the Assembly.

Good Luck